The Quantum Tunneler Team

Andrei Rusnac

Made the Quantum Ball room and the credit page
This is the room where you will guess if the ball passes through a table or not. If you guess wrong the object that you seek has left for another room, enjoy your search. P.S. in the quantum world everything depends on the probability so you will only get your object if destiny decide so, there is no right or wrong answer. Don't forget to smile when it dissapears :)

Danny Michaud Landry

Made Danny's room, the login page and the welcome page
My room is of pure pleasure! It is a simulation of a potential well or if the equivalent of walking over a ditch but for a particle. When you join our part of the maze, everyone becomes particles. You might find yourself stuck in that hole and the only way to leave is to steal an item or to leave your own there!

Sheir Yarkoni

Made the Superposition Game and the clock
In this room cyber-world meets quantum mechanics! To help you find your way, there is a map of your present wavefunction and for your entertainment there is a hame. The objective is to observe the red ball! Do so to collapse its wavefunction and escape this room unharmed.
Due to a small confussion the clock was only implemented on this it can easily be added to the other ones butdue to a last minute miss organization it could have only be put here in time. Please grade it from here thanks